lessons of english 2nd year lmd

historical landmarks

historical-landmarks-1.pdf 3 first lessons.pdf

Henry 8

Successors of Henry 8

Charles 1 and the civil war ....... sorry for the mistake in the party of" the royalist ....fighting for money not for nobelity"

John Cromwell

historical.pdf historical.pdf 

resoration .....for charles 2 he forgive all the independent except who signed not accept

revolution of 1688

the-industrial-revolution.pdf the-industrial-revolution.pdf

farmers buy raw material from merchants not for marchant

british-colonies-of-the-united-states-of-america-2.pdf british-colonies-of-the-united-states-of-america-2.pdf

the-road-to-revolution-and-the-federalist-era.pdf the-road-to-revolution-and-the-federalist-era.pdf

republican-rule.pdf republican-rule.pdf    "to send from the country" in the alien and sedition acts

the-end-of-the-era-of-good-feeling.pdf the-end-of-the-era-of-good-feeling.pdf

the lesson will be on the website tonight


weak-and-strong-form-and-syllable.pdf weak-and-strong-form-and-syllable.pdf   

phonitic.pdf phonitic.pdf

there is exercises of transcription in this website you can visit them in "liens"..... thks

rhythm: isochrony.pdf rhythm: isochrony.pdf

assimilation-1.pdf assimilation.pdf

elision and intonation.pdf elision and intonation.pdf


3 first period.pdf 3 first-period-of-english-literature.pdf

Old English period

Middle English period


4-second-lessons.pdf 4-second-lessons.pdf

neoclassical english period

romantic english period 

victorian english period

modern english period

sum-up-short-one.pdf sum-up-short-one.pdf

sum up log one.pdf sum up long one.pdf

american-literature.pdf american-literature.pdf

colonial period

national period

romantic period

realistic-period-1860.pdf realistic-period-1860.pdf


468554-3578887671747-1259806104-33477135-1274734839-o.jpg practice questions.jpg       I want from the student of english to help me and you to answer this question practice 

linguistcs.pdf linguistcs.pdf

morphology.pdf morphology.pdf exercises for morphology are in "lien" and morpho-newex.pdf morpho-newex.pdf

syntaxand-semantic.pdf syntaxand-semantic.pdf

generative-grammar-functional-grammar.pdf generative-grammar-functional-grammar.pdf

chomsky.pdf chomsky.pdf



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